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Shanghai Style: The Chinese Bicycle | Bamboo Compass

Shanghai Style: The Chinese Bicycle

by Fred Shasta
Posted: April 29th, 2009 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
Shanghai Style Biking As the New York Times noted just the other week, "the Great Downturn may have its first real status symbol." Yes, times are tough, and the Big Apple's fashionable young men are digging deep into well-tailored pockets and designer man-purses to scrape up the cash needed for a bicycle. But not just any bicycle—certainly not a sweat-inducing road bike or gauche obscenity imported from, say, China. No, we're talking $1,000-2,000 Dutch bikes here. "Civilized riding," they call it, using the Dutch and their solid bikes as the template for a new NYC street fashion. It all got us to thinking... what could a fashion-unconscious Shanghai expat do for a bike and some fine BINO (Brand in Name Only) duds? So we hit the streets, grabbed the first bike we saw and let it all hang out, Shanghai style.... Related: Dress Codes: The Dutch Bicycle (New York Times) Related: Riding the It Factor (New York Times) Related: Civilized Riding (New York Times) Related: Riding the "It's the S**t!" Factor (ChinaTravel.net) Related: 5,000 Years of Civilized Riding (ChinaTravel.net)
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