Shanghai day trip: Qibao, dead sparrows and a tiny umbrella

Culture | by James Weir
Posted: February 16th, 2012 | Updated: February 17th, 2012 | Comments
Traveling in Shanghai Last winter, when I was living L visa to L visa and bumming around China as a transient, semi-homeless tourist, I spent a long afternoon wandering around Qibao Old Street (Qībǎo Lǎojiē, 七宝老街), taking in the crowds, snacks and sights one step at a time. Qibao is easily accessible via Shanghai and all its neon glory. There are many things to do in Qibao, but my favorite activity was gorging myself on all kinds of snacks that seemed to run the gamut, flavor-wise; from sparrows-on-a-stick to elaborate sweets, you can have it all. On February 25th, Shanghai Museum at 8:30am, and takes in the Oriental Pearl and Jin Mao Towers before heading to Qibao for the day. At RMB 199, you'll get a guided trip to two of Shanghai's most iconic skyscrapers and a chance to see a charming little canal-town. But if you miss the tour, don't hesitate to take Qibao by storm on your own terms (or if you're in town, check out the tour to Qibao and Zhujiajio next December). I had a great time meandering around with my sister, taking pictures and milling about in the crowds. It's quite a popular spot, so depending on the weather and time of week, it can get a bit intense on the main drags. Also, be sure to pick up one of the ridiculous little umbrellas you'll see all over the place; it may seem silly at the time, but it's the perfect photography prop. Hilarity ensued. After the jump, some photos from Qibao... Qibao Ancient Street   Shanghai attractions   Chinese snacks in Qibao   Food in Qibao   Crowded Qibao Ancient Street Eating in Qibao Things to do in Shanghai Things to do in Qibao Qibao attractions Sunset over Qibao Trekking around Qibao Things to do in Qibao   To book Shanghai attractions, call us today (Mainland China: 400 619 9999. Outside Mainland China: (86 21) 3210 4669). Happy travels!
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