Shanghai and Zhujiajiao through the eyes of Nikki Clark

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Posted: January 18th, 2012 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes There is something truly special about a wonderful photograph. The perfect photograph provides answers, provokes questions and leaves something intangible in its wake. In today's China Through My Lens, we've been welcomed into the warm, red cocoon of China Travel Photo Contest) shot scores of photos, and has shared some of the highlights with us. Read on for her take on the images, and to hear about two of her favorite places in China, Shanghai and Zhujiajiao. Shanghai destinations I grew up in New Zealand in the small city of Wanganui, on the west coast of the North Island. Wanganui is probably best known geographically for the river running through it, and culturally for its strong art community. Always having a love for photography, I went on to study photographic design in Wellington (the big smoke) for four years. After working in galleries and marketing for years I finally got up the courage to start my own photography business and have never looked back! I'm now based in Melbourne, Australia, and I have a wonderful excuse to Shanghai and hope in the future to arrange an exhibition there. It's such a fantastic, creative city and I would certainly love any excuse to re-visit! The image above was taken on the banks of the Huangpu River, near the Bund in Huangpu Park. The Shanghai Monument to the People's Heroes was built to commemorate revolutionary martyrs and those that lost their lives fighting natural disasters. Read on after the jump for more of Nikki Clark's China photos...   Shanghai monuments

Monument near the South Bund Fabric Market.

Shanghai travel photography

Manicured lawn and pedestrian crossing near the South Bund Fabric Market.

Yuyuan Garden photo A worker in Yuyuan Garden, one of the most lavish gardens in the area. First established in 1559, today it remains in remarkable condition, and I spent hours there admiring the architecture, the incredible sculptural gardens and the rock formations. Shanghai Temples This is the Jing'an Temple prayer room. The first Jing'an Temple was built in AD 247 and was relocated in 1216 during the Song Dynasty to its current site. The location is fascinating. The city has boomed around it and it sits nestled amongst skyscrapers in central Shanghai. An oasis amongst the hectic city. Shanghai Temples

Prayer room No.2 at Jing'an Temple, under construction.

Shanghai monks

A monk in Jing'an Temple.

Chinese river towns Zhujiajiao is an ancient water city over 1,700 years old, and artifacts have been found there that date back even further, to 5,000 years ago. I found this little village fascinating. Known as China's Venice, it struck a chord with me as my partner is from Italy just outside of Venice and I have spent many a day getting lost in the labyrinths there. This image is from a boat ride up one of the canals. I would certainly recommend a trip to Zhujiajiao; it's so lovely to get lost and find yourself in an ancient teahouse sipping the most sublime pu'er tea, overlooking canals while locals are playing a game of cards or chess at the table next to you. The locals are friendly and very kind—I will certainly be back!   Chinese crafts

Hand crocheted booties made by the locals. This was a common sight wandering the residential parts of Zhujiajiao. I couldn't resist bringing back a pair for my nephew in Xiamen.

Zhujiajiao canal town

Local fishermen in a residential canal.

Chinese deli

Merchant in Zhujiajiao.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Zhujiajiao Traditional Chinese Medicine store.

Zhujiajiao fisherman

Sleepy fisherman with his local catch. Autumn is a prolific time for fresh water crab fishing in Dianshan Lake.

Chinese fisherman

A fisherman finishing his day's work at dusk, on the banks of one of Zhujiajiao's canals.

Many thanks to Nikki Clark for the fantastic photos! Be sure to check out Nikki's website to browse more of her photos, and to get information on how to book her to photograph your next event.

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