Yalong Bay


RMB 300 for public beach if not staying in resorts; free if you are or if you're sneaky.


8:30am-9pm daily

How to get there:

Take a taxi (around RMB 80–100 from downtown Sanya) or tourist bus lines 24 or 25 (RMB 5–9) from Binhai Dadao (Bīnhǎi Dàdào, 滨海大道).

Located just far enough away from Sanya to weed out some tourists, Yalong Bay (Yàlóng Wān, 亞龍灣) is the area's premier beach offering good ol' R&R.

The resorts here are fairly low-key (except during the annual hosting of the Miss World Pageant), and while water sports are an option, most people come to Yalong to enjoy the sand and sea (and pools and cocktails).

The water is very clear and good for a snorkel if you are interested in getting off your lounger, and boats are available to take divers to outlying islands for a peek under the surface.

The strip of luxury resorts on Yalong Bay is basically complete, so there will be no further construction in this area for a while to come—Yalong is ready to just be relaxing.

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