Dadonghai Beach




24 hours daily

How to get there:

Take a cab to "Dàdōnghǎi" (大东海), 3 km (2 mi) southeast of downtown Sanya.

Dadonghai Beach (Dàdōnghǎi, 大东海) is one of the most popular of Sanya's beaches. It's a nice stretch of white sand meeting blue water, perfect for swimming (there's absolutely no surf here).

Don't expect to be alone in Dadonghai, though. It's a busy beach, and the weather's always nice here so expect people to always be here. Swimmers beware of jet-skiers and boaters and sunbathers beware of 4-wheeled sandbuggies (and their inexperienced Chinese drivers).

It's beautiful, nonetheless, so enjoy the mango and coconut vendors and the spectacular sunsets... but be prepared, because as soon as that sun dips down, the fireworks come out, proving once again that the Chinese don't adhere to the "peace and quiet" sect of vacationing.

There are also large numbers of Russian families on vacation and Dadonghai is their favorite spot. That means that bars have opened up back from the beach area, making Dadonghai the only real nightlife area in Sanya.

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