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There are still a few dirt-cheap hotels in Sanya though the majority run into the middle and high-end price range, so check out some Sanya hotels and take your pick. Hostels are a good bet for backpackers and budget travelers, though they can fill up fast, so try to reserve in advance. The Red Coral Seaview Hotel in Dadonghai might be the cheapest place on the beach, but rooms can be quite grimy. A better budget bet would be Sanya Eagle Backpackers Hostel, Sanya Blue Sky International Youth Hostel or one of the other hostels that have popped up in recent years. They're great places to find an instant traveler community and insider tips from staff on where to go and what to do on the cheap.

As for the high end, though Hainan Island is billed as "China's Hawaii," Sanya is hardly Honolulu. By Western resort standards, the city itself is a bit grubby, so most vacationers stay either right near the beach in Dadonghai or in one of the new luxury resorts in Yalong Bay, just a few minutes' taxi or bus ride away from the city. Despite the island's rough edges, luxury accommodations are in no short supply and are generally new and of high quality. Favorites include Marriott Sanya Resort & Spa, Yuhai Binguan, the Horizon Resort & Spa, Resort Golden Palm, the Intercontinental Sanya and the Ritz-Carlton to name a few.

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