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Sanya has a great many high-end department stores and most of the area's hotels all include expensive boutiques. The most popular souvenirs taken home by tourists home are saltwater pearls, crystal ware, butterfly specimens, carved coconuts, candies, dried tropical fruit and seafood, coffee, tea and pepper.

The influx of tourism has raised prices, sometimes to sucker levels, so make sure to bargain. Souvenirs in the hotels cost much more than what can be found on the street or the beach—so don't be afraid to venture out and haggle for a better price. Also keep an eye out for fake pearls and remember the tooth test! (Rub the pearls on your teeth—if they're gritty and not perfectly smooth, they're real.)

Sanya recently unveiled a Duty Free Store downtown selling luxury and brand name products—everything from leather bags to perfume. And the Duty Free shop is set to expand out of Sanya Town further west to the massive new Haitang Bay (Hǎitáng Wān, 海棠湾) project.

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