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Another extraordinary addition to China's long list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sanqing Shan is situated in northeastern Jiangxi Province and was inscribed on the world heritage list in 2008 for its "superlative natural phenomena."

Visitors to the area are treated to landscapes featuring a wealth of fantastically shaped granite landforms, often resembling human or animal silhouettes. Rapidly changing meteorological conditions create the perfect canvas for nature to contrive arresting vistas full of bright, cloud-penetrating halos and spectral rainbows.

The area is also features primeval forests packed with incredible biodiversity and numerous waterfalls, some of them 60 meters (180 feet) tall, as well as a variety of lakes and springs.

An already popular tourist attraction, the mountain is probably best visited mid-week or during spring or autumn (autumn, with its drier weather, is best). Visiting during Chinese national holidays almost assures an experience marred by overcrowding.

Do make sure you pack good footwear and be aware that trails on the mountain can be quite physically challenging.

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