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China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes China travel photography Boaz Rottem was born in the United Sates and raised in the USA and the Middle East. His passion for traveling and photography developed while working as an irrigation consultant, when he made his first visit to China in 1991; he later lived in Nanjing for six years, and is currently based in Hong Kong. A full time photographer, Boaz makes his career documenting the lives of people in Asia and Africa. You can follow his work on China Through My Lens.... My camera is the medium I use to capture my surroundings and to interact with the world. It helps me cross the borders of language, time, space and political boundaries. Some of the best moments I have caught on film document the reaction of the people I have met. They open up to the shuttered eye of my camera, giving me insight into their souls, their personalities, their joy and pain; their life. If everyday life is covered with the thick gauze of formalities—the cumbersomeness of communicating in a foreign language, the separating walls of gender and the hurdles of cultural norms and taboos—the camera is an instrument which raises the veil of these superficial barriers and showcases the spirit of the individual. Raw, undefined and superbly human, through my lens I see the commonalities of our human existence and the beauty of the physical world that surrounds us. I hope you see my photography in the same way I do, with the eye of the heart. More photos from Boaz Rottem after the jump.... Fujian province travel info

 An earthen tǔlóu (土楼) in a small Hakka village in Yongding, Fujian, China. These buildings can house around 200 people.

Xinjiang travel

 Going west? Camels in Xinjiang Province.

China travel photography

 During the October festival monks perform various stunts including some which seem to be painful. Kaifeng, Henan China.

Hui minority in China

 Hui Muslim boys studying the Quran in Gansu, China.

China minority groups

Miao minority children in Guizhou Province.

Shanghai travel information

 A dramatic view of the Pudong skyline in eastern Shanghai.

Gansu travel photography

 Singing sands. The linear vertical lines in the photo are made out of the sand (it was very, very windy) on Mingsha (Míngshā, 鸣沙) sand dunes in Dunhuang, Gansu , China.

Spicy chinese food

 The Chinese like their food very HOT! Picture taken in Gansu Province, 1995.

Tibetan travel information

 A Tibetan woman in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan.

China travel photography

 Traditional Chinese fans for sale in a souvenir shop. Photo taken in Nanjing, China.

Huang Shan travel information

 Foggy mountaintop: Huang Shan, Anhui Province.

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