Qingdao Underwater World


Approx RMB 100


8am-5:30pm daily

How to get there:

Qingdao Underwater World is near No. 1 Bathing Beach at 2 Laiyang Lu (Láiyáng Lù, 莱阳路). Bus no. 6, 26, 304, 312 and 316 all head to the aquarium.

There are few places in the world where you'll find marine shows as tacky as Qingdao Underwater World (Hǎidǐ Shìjiè, 海底世界), and that fact alone is almost worth making the effort to see it. The oldest marine park in Qingdao, the aquarium's got a history that goes back about 70 years.

Much more recently, the aquarium has seen major investments and construction and is now host to an impressive array of displays. Among the four underground levels you'll find an inter-tidal zone display, a seabed tunnel, a cabin passage, a marine theater, the purported largest cylindrical aquarium in the world, a rare marine species zone, a rainforest area and a surprisingly large marine education area which features an open lab, a touch pool, interactive video displays and a studio.

If you were hoping to catch some of the marine shows, don't worry, there’s a lot to choose from: "Dance with Sharks," the ever popular "Mermaids Show," the "Underwater Ballet," and of course the quintessential "Underwater Adventure." A day at the underwater park followed by some sun at the nearby No. 1 Bathing Beach makes for a nice, full summer day.

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