Qingdao Polar Ocean World


RMB 120


9:00 am to 4:00 pm

How to get there:

The "island" of Huang Dao, where Polar Ocean World is located is accessible by boat, which you can find in Qingdao Harbour. Buses with stops nearby include numbers 11, 102, 104, 317 and 501.  

Catch an arctic breeze in Polar Ocean World (Jídì Hǎiyáng Shìjiè, 极地海洋世界), where penguins cavort in the water and white furred bears laze about on the ice. After you’ve seen your share of sea-otter shenanigans, take a stroll about the multitude of aquariums where the manifold shapes and colors of over 10, 000 aquatic species await. Make sure to make some inquiries regarding the Beluga whale show, these gentle creatures put on quite the performance.  If you’re day isn’t complete without souvenirs, don’t worry, the gift shop’s got you covered, the variety in here almost equals what you’d find in the aquariums!


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