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The base rate for taxis is RMB 9 for standard cabs and RMB 12 for some larger size ones, both with a RMB 1 petrol surcharge. Travelling to or from the airport incurs an additional RMB 10 fee for the Qingyin Expressway. Taxis can be hard to flag down during peak season. Be forewarned that Qingdao has created many one-way streets with the hopes of improving traffic efficiency; this may make it seem that your cab driver is intentionally taking a circuitous route, but chances are he or she is not actually rying to rip you off by taking the long way.


Public buses in Qingdao are very clean and cheap, and though certainly easier for foreigners with good Chinese language skills to navigate, there are some of useful routes that are also accessible to non-Chinese speakers. Bus Nos. 11, 26, 228 and 501 will get you to the beach from the railway station via the Donghai Xi Lu coast road. Bus No. 501 runs from the train station past Zhongshan Park and along Xianggang Zhong Lu. No. 221 connects the Long-distance Bus Station and the old city and No. 366 serves the CBD. Bus. No. 5 runs to the north Long-distance Bus Station. All city buses cost RMB 1 (no air-con) and RMB 2 (air-con).

There are also three tour bus lines offering professional guide service. A good one to know is tour bus 304, which runs along the shore between the ferry pier and Lao Shan with a stop at the train station.


Sightseeing boats to nearby sites like Xiao Qingdao, Luxun Park, and Taiping Jiao can be found at the Maritime Tour Pier on Laiyang Lu just north of the Navy Museum. Boats that leave from Zhongyuan Maritime Square Tour Pier on Xilingxia Lu include overview shoreline tours of the city and also trips to Zhucha and Dagong Islands.

Ferries also connect downtown Qingdao with Huangdao District across Jiaozhou Bay. The trip, which along the highway takes well over an hour, is only 20 minutes long. Be aware that ferries will not run in heavy fog.

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Qingdao Liuting International Airport is about 32 km from downtown, with daily Qingdao flights to more than 30 cities in China. It's also possible to fly internationally to Tokyo and Fukuoka in Japan, and also Seoul and Singapore.


Qingdao Railway Station is located on No. 2 Tai'an Lu (Tài'ān Lù, 泰安路), nearby Zhanqiao Bridge. There are trains to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, Tai Shan, Xi'an, Lanzhou and Wuchang. Most long-distance trains stop in Jinan.

(Qingdao Railway Station information: 0532 601 1111: Reservations: 0532-296 2777)


Highways leave Qingdao in every direction (at least where there's land) and long-distance buses serve all the major cities of Shandong Province as well as many cities in neighboring areas from several bus stations throughout the city.


Qingdao Passenger Ferry Terminal is located at No. 6 Xinjiang Lu with international ferries running twice weekly to Incheon, Korea (Weidong Ferries) and Shimonoseki, Japan (Orient Ferries).

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