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Posted: May 11th, 2011 | Updated: January 11th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes Common Guangzhou Flower_Nino Kanapi Nino Kanapi is a 28-year-old Filipino graphic designer who goes by the name of Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest. We loved the stunning shots of his adopted hometown Guangzhou, a city whose sometimes gritty urban landscape is refracted through his lens into one filled with color, light and beauty. This is his story. >>> It's very difficult to gain success living in a place where political corruption is rife, so like many professional Filipinos I took the risk of working abroad. I came to Guangzhou four years ago with my wife so we could both pursue our careers as designers. I've been doing photography since my college days, not as a hobby but as a part of the curriculum. This was back in the days when there were no DSLR's or digital cameras, just analog film cameras like the SLR's and Instamatics, and photography used to cost a lot of money, so I never engaged in it as a hobby. Guangzhou Da Dao View_Nino Kanapi Guangzhou Science Museum_Nino Kanapi When I came here to Guangzhou, at first life wasn't that easy. The main problem was the language barrier, and adjusting to the culture of this new world took us long long time. I wanted to share what it was like living here with my family and friends back in the Philippines. To show them what Guangzhou was like, I began taking pictures using a 3-mega pixel cellphone camera because I couldn't afford to buy a digital camera. Cantonese Restaurant_Nino Kanapi Chimelong International Circus_Nino Kanapi Eventually I earned some money and bought an Olympus digital camera. It was the first real camera I had ever owned. I took it everywhere, all the time and shot whatever was interesting... people, places, food, buildings, houses, landmarks, whatever. My photos of Guangzhou were the simplest way to show my friends and loved ones that I was doing fine and they didn't need to worry about me, but those same photos also told a lot of stories. They helped me to study and learn and adapt to the customs and culture here. Baiyun Mountain Panoramic View_Nino Kanapi Later, I became bored with my photos. I had nice subjects but felt I couldn't represent them well so I decided to buy a DSLR. I bought a low-end Nikon DSLR and sooner than I thought possible I was doing serious photography. After another year I met a fellow Filipino who also doing photography and we formed a group called FILKAM (Filipino Kamera Club). Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, Guangzhou_Nino Kanapi The FILKAM group aims to promote Filipino creativity within the art of photography, as well as to provide a solid support and sharing community for fellow Filipino camera and photography aficionados, professionals and non-professionals alike. It aims to foster creativity as well as improve skills and proficiency. The group has 10 active Filipino members and we do photowalks around Guangzhou every week or at least once a month. In this way we've explored Guangzhou together and discovered many other things about Guangzhou. Wuyang Cun Bridge View, Guangzhou_Nino Kanapi Now I am not only doing photography as a hobby but as a source of income as well, as I have started doing product photography and event photography. I'm also engaged in the craft of lomography, lo-fi photography that uses analog toy cameras and film. Guangzhou Zoo_Nino Kanapi I always look forward to getting involved with more photographic activities and meeting new friends with the same interest and discovering more of Guangzhou. Subway Escalator, Guangzhou_Nino Kanapi All photos © Nino Kanapi

If you've enjoyed meeting Nino and checking out his pictures, head to his Lomography in China.

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