Picasso in Shanghai: China gets cubed

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Posted: November 16th, 2011 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
china pavilion picasso exhibition While Paris' National Picasso Museum, China Expo Pavilion (China Art Palace) in Shanghai. Running the gamut of Pablo Picasso's life (from age 14 to just a year before his death, and including works from the Rose period, Blue period and cubism), the pieces on display include oil paintings and sculptures, along with photos of the artist and some taken by him. More after the jump... Similar to a Virginia exhibition of Picasso's work, the Picasso exhibition at the China Pavilion is enhanced with QR codes used in tandem with a custom smartphone app (available for iPhone and Android) to provide more information on each painting.  While the program is only in Chinese, it also serves as a catalog of the exhibits which can be accessed without the QR codes (photography isn't allowed, so this is the only free way to take the works home with you). Books made especially for the Chinese exhibition are also available for sale. picasso china pavilion smartphone app The exhibition is clearly geared towards the Chinese audience, with descriptions of different periods of the artist's life written in Chinese only and the aforementioned Chinese smartphone app. However, English and Chinese audio guides (indispensable and cheap at RMB 20, RMB 100 deposit) are available at the entrance and provide insight into Picasso's life and some of the ideas and themes behind his works. Around 20 pieces are marked for the audio guide. The exhibition is open until January 10, 9am-6pm daily. Tickets are available for order by phone (Ticket Office: 400-610-3721 or Marky: 139-1684-6420) or at the door. RMB 80 Mon-Fri, RMB 120 Sat-Sun, RMB 280 for tickets that can be used any day. Take a taxi to "Shìbó Zhōngguó Guǎn" (世博中国馆) or take a short walk north of the Shanghai Metro Line 7 and 8 Yaohua Lu Station. While the China Pavilion outside of the Picasso Exhibition remains closed, the nearby Moon Boat (formerly the Saudi Arabian Pavilion) and the temporary Commemoration Exhibition of Expo 2010 Shanghai are currently open.
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