Photo of the Day: Generations

Culture, Travel | by Sascha Matuszak
Posted: February 18th, 2011 | Updated: February 18th, 2011 | Comments
"Grampa ... Daddy said I'm not allowed to go to the store and get those white rabbit candies anymore ... " "Oh yeah?" "Yeah. But I did all my homework and I've been at home all day and didn't play in the sawdust not even once and I've been quiet and even helped Mommy sweep the bedroom ..." "Really?" "Yeah ... so .... " Something I've always loved about traditional clan-based societies is the relationship between little ones and older ones. It's something I believe we in the West have stepped away from and, even though things are changing here in the East, the bonds that form a clan are still very strong. This is a sweet moment that I think any daddy or grampa can relate to very easily. More on the photo and the photographer after the jump. You can see more stuff from bhrgero on his Flickr page including several that are in our's Photo Contest. Today is the last day for submissions and the chance to win Ctrip travel vouchers, photography books, Freedur VPN accounts and more. Stay tuned to see who makes it into the Top 100 ... Got some great some China travel photos? Then enter our Ctrip China Travel Photography Contest for the chance to win fantastic prizes and share your photos with the rest of the world—simply tag your Flickr photos with "ctrippic" or email them to us directly at
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