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Culture | by James Weir
Posted: November 5th, 2011 | Updated: November 4th, 2011 | Comments
travel photography_China travel Tibet It is impossible to think of Tibet without envisioning snow-capped mountain tops, colorful prayer flags and a colossal, crisp blue sky. This photo has it all. (Yes, there are prayer flags. Keep looking.) That behemoth in the distance is Kawagebo Peak (Kǎwǎgébó, 卡瓦格博), the highest peak of the Meili Snow Mountains (Méilǐ Xuěshān, 梅里雪山 ), part of the greater Hengduan Mountain range (Héngduàn Shānmài, 横断山脉) that runs north to south through Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet. Kawagebo is considered one of the most sacred destinations for Tibetan Buddhists, and every year thousands make the pilgrimage to the mountain to pay homage to the warrior god that dwells there. Let's give it up to Eric Finlayson for providing this fantastic shot. To see more of his photos, check out his Flickr photostream, where you'll find albums of well shot scenes from all over the world. For more great images of China you can also check out our own Ctrip China Travel Flickr photostream, as featured on the Ctrip Community Page, a new social platform that brings together all the best China travel deals, travel tips and more!
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