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Posted: May 22nd, 2012 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments

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China: Portrait of a People The above photo is but one of the hundreds found in Tom Carter's sprawling photographic documentary, CHINA: Portrait of a People. For a taste of what the book has to offer, check out the CHINA: Portrait of a People Flickr page, where you'll find an image from every province in the country. This wonderful photo was chosen not just for those infectious smiles (though that was, obviously, a big part of it; I'm not sure what you'd call the face that baby is making, but I like it). Here at, we're neck deep in Chengdu and the glories of Sichuan, where this photo was taken. Our writing contest, pandas, spicy food and laid-back tea sipping. More after the jump.... The man behind the lens, Tom Carter, is a member of our Chengdu and China hands that know left from right and 黑色 from 白色. Following the initial submission period that ends on 8 June 2012, the blogosphere, weibosphere and anyone else with an Internet connection and a desire to make their voice heard will take to the mouse and cast their judgement down in a flurry of double-clicks. Once the People have been heard, the judges will emerge from their mahogany-scented offices and make a final decision concerning the finalists. The winners in each category (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) will receive RMB 2,000 Ctrip travel vouchers, and the second place winners will each become the proud owner of a full-body panda suit. So write, write, write!
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