Photo: Lake Manasarovar

Culture | by James Weir
Posted: October 1st, 2011 | Updated: October 10th, 2011 | Comments

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Vacation in Tibet To keep with the Tibetan theme of this week, we bring you this wonderful shot of Lake Manasarovar (Mǎpángyōngcuò, Mount Kailash, which in Hindu legend is the home of the deity Shiva. In Hindu theology, the lake is a spiritual purifier (those who drink and bathe in its waters are cleansed of sin) drawing visitors from around the globe on spiritual pilgrimages. But whoever you are and whatever you believe, surely we can all agree on one thing: Lake Manasarovar, like the whole of Tibet,  is breathtaking. (Continues after the jump.... ) Thanks to Brian Stratton for this perfect shot. Be sure to check out Brian's Flickr photostream, where he's been cataloging his adventures with all sorts of photos, many of which are just as beautiful as the one you see here. While browsing Brian's photographs, I've been doing my best to restrain the piercing jealousy that's taking hold, for both his extended sojourn and his skills with the camera. For more great images of China you can also check out our own Ctrip China Travel Flickr photostream, as featured on the Ctrip Community Page, a new social platform that brings together all the best China travel deals, travel tips and more!
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