Oakley's Air & Style big-air snowboard competition coming to Beijing December 4th

by Stephan Larose
Posted: November 22nd, 2010 | Updated: April 2nd, 2011 | Comments
2010, Beijing Oakley and Shaun White present Air & Style On December 4 in Beijing's National Olympic Sports Center, Oakley and Shaun White present Air & Style will bring China its first world-class snowboarding event. There'll be live music, parties and best of all, 16 of the world's best snowboarders, including top riders such as Scotty Lago, Andreas Wiig and Peetu Piiroinen will tear down the 42-meter ramp and wow the crowds with breathtaking big-air maneuvers over Air & Style's monster straight jump. The competition's best boarder will bring home a US $100,000 grand prize, 1,000 points in the TTR world ranking,  and snowboarding's most coveted trophy: the famous Air & Style Ring of Glory. We got a hold of Air & Style's sponsorship manager Morten Sellaeg, the man responsible for getting big names like Oakley and Red Bull to throw down big sponsorship bucks for this massive event. Besides helping make this my best winter in China ever (for which we owe him a debt of eternal gratitude), I asked Morten a few questions about the event. Spoiler Alert! Crazy awesome Air & Style snowboarding video after the jump!
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