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Located in the southeast of Nyingtri and on the southern slope of the Himalaya Mountain. You may start from Paixiang Town, surmount Duoxiongla Snow Mountain, via Hanmi, Lage, Beibeng and finally arrive at Medog, totally about three to four days. This is the main road to Medog at present.

White Horse Mound, one of the most beautiful—and most mysterious—places in Tibet, holds sacred meaning for the Tibetans. Tucked away in Yalung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Medog (Motuo) has no public roads or clear access trails. Visitors reach Medog by helicopter or on foot. Two massive snow-covered mountains stand guard over the region and the sole mountain pass can only be traveled between July and October. Even summer brings dangerous rainstorms and mudslides. The difficult journey is well worth the effort, though—awestruck visitors marvel at this isolated and primitive land's pristine natural beauty. Only the most adventurous trekkers or the most devout Buddhists reach this breathtaking oasis of sky and mountain.

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