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With a population just above 3,000 people, Nyingtri (also written Nyangtri and called Linzhi in Mandarin) is a good place to get a feel for a different kind of Tibet than the one you'll find in Lhasa and the west. The people in town and the surrounding area still practive the indigenous Bon faith, which predates the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet by centuries. For those interested in Tibetan religion and culture, there are three Bon monasteries—Neche Goshog, Yungdrungling and Sigyal—to visit, as well as Bonri, one of the religion's most sacred mountains.

Along with the nearby town of Bayi, with its famed Buddhist Buchu Monastery and Lamaling Temple, and the dramatic Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon and Tsangpo Gorges, Nyngtri makes for a wonderful—if rugged—stopover on a tour of southeastern Tibet.

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