November China festival roundup: Happy Qiang New Year!

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November is already upon us, so please forgive us this mad dash to the get this small list of festivals to the presses. Few countries pack their months with as many expositions, symposiums, trade fairs and outright hoedowns as China does. Below we have a smattering of some good ones—including the Qiang New Year going down in beautiful Jiuzhaigou anhd a slew of great fests for foodies (and drinkies) in China's cosmopolitan hubs. Enjoy, and be sure to look for our snappy list of December's festivals later in the month. After the jump, a breakdown of all the festival action that's fit to print.

Arts and Culture

The Third EU Film Festival in China (Beijing, Chengdu and Xi'an) Following the great success of the first and second Annual European Union Film Festival in China, we are pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual EU Film Festival in China will take place from November 1 to December 2, 2010. This year the film festival is expanding and will take place in three cities: Beijing, Chengdu and for the first time Xi'an, and will offer a wide variety of features and short films from all over Europe! Beijing HotelsXi'an HotelsChangchun Hotels Canton Asian Music Festival Xinghai Concert Hall No.33 Qingbo Rd, Er Sha Island, Guangzhou Phone: (86-20) 87352222, or (86-20) 87353869 Fax: (86-20) 87352791 Love Canto-pop? Neither do I and neither do the organizers of this festival. Instead, sit back in Guangzhou's concert hall and listen to traditional and contemporary orchestral music for a while, then head out for some seafood. Click here for more information on the venue. Guangzhou Hotels China Arts Festival Email: Wuhan, Hebei Who knew that lil ole Wuhan was busy putting on one of China's largest arts and music festivals? You do! Wuhan in Hubei is known as a rock and roll town and there must be something in the water, because the city is truly going all out to raise its image as a cultural center. If you have the chance, go check this one out. Wuhan Hotels  

Sports and Stuff

57th Macau Grand Prix (November 18th to 21st 2010) The Grand Prix is always a big deal and attracts all sorts of gamblers -- those that gamble with their lives in high speed vehicles and those that gamble with their life savings at the tables. For more details, click here. Macau Hotels Kite Boarding in China There are two kite boarding events going on this month s smaller competition in Dongsha, a tiny seaside town south of Xiamen,  from November 12 - 14 (click here for more details) and then the official international kite boarding competition in Sanya just a couple weeks later. The Kiteboard Tour official site has all of the information you need on the sport, the venue and what you can see and do while you are there. Sanya Hotels

Food & Drink Lovers

Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition 2010 November 14 -16, 2010 Shanghai Exhibition Center-China China's taste for fine wine is growing with leaps and bounds. We can feel it here in Shanghai whenever we go out to eat at a fancy place (once a year). For more frequent Shanghai winers & diners, the Wine & Spirits Exhibition China will present quality wines and spirits from around the world. A great opportunity to sip, buy and even import some of the world's great wines. Shanghai Hotels Italian Cuisine World Summit Hong Kong Nov. 2nd - Nov. 7th A unique gastronomic convention, the Italian Cuisine World Summit, will take place in Hong Kong from November 2nd through 7th, 2010 (click through to see the program). Some of the world’s biggest names in Italian Cuisine will be the protagonists of a weeklong event dedicated to celebrating excellence of food, wine and cuisine made in Italy. Hong Kong Hotels China International Tea Fair 2010 Exhibition Time: November 5-7, 2010: 9:00am - 5:30pm; November 8, 2010: 9:00am - 4:00pm Location: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center China International Tea Fair 2010 will be held at China Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (XICEC) on November 5-8, 2010. It will showcase the full range of teas, as well as related food, utensils, and machinery. Don your Confucian cloak, prepare to think deep and head off to Xiamen for the weekend. Xiamen Hotels And for those of you who are interested in not just eating, but staying alive, there is always the... China International Food Safety & Quality Conference + Expo (CIFSQ) According to the conference organizers: "Food safety is crucial to both public health and the prosperity of the food trade. Governments and industry alike face major challenges in their quest to improve food safety and better protect consumers. For its part, the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference + Expo (CIFSQ) aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and collaboration amongst all global stakeholders." Good luck guys!

Traditional Festivals and Celebrations

Shexian Boating Festival 2010 Celebrated: Oct. 8 to Nov. 6 Location: Huangshan During the month-long Shexian Boating Festival, local Anhui fishermen tie theirs boats together, remove the roofs and turn the decks into a princely court with pavilions, towers and archways . When night falls, the "palaces" take to the Lianjiang River, burning candles and serving as a party platform all through the night. This Shuiyou (Water Parade) is mirrored by a Hanyou (Land Parade). The key is to weave from one to the other without pausing. Shexian Hotels   Qufu International Confucius Festival 2010 Celebrated: Oct. 27 to Nov. 15 Location: Qufu Qufu is the home of the old sage known for his witty one-liners and every year they let the world (or atleast nearby neigbors) know that wisdom was born in Qufu. The festivities inclusde processions to the Temple of the Sage and other landmarks around town as well as musical and dance performances 9all in the name of being incredibly) wise. Qufu Hotels And last but not definitely least:   Qiang New Year Celebrated: Nov. 6 to Nov. 11 Location: Jiuzhaigou The Qiang are a tiny minority in the mountains of Western Sichuan. They are known for the lone towers that dot the Himalayan foothills between the Sichuan Basin and Tibet Proper and for throwing great New Year's bashes. They enjoy fire, BBQ and dancing as well as a sweet rice wine that makes you smile as it gets you drunk. Good times. Jiuzhaigou hotels
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