Not going anywhere for a while? 5 year visas

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Posted: May 6th, 2013 | Updated: May 7th, 2013 | Comments
china visa Much change has been afoot recently with China visas: tourists can now stay in Beijing or Shanghai for 72 hours visa-free and a drastic rewrite of China's immigration policy is due to takes effect in July. It also seems that two new visas may be introduced, both aimed at foreign professionals sought for high-level employment in Chinese companies.... According to the China Daily, proposed visa R1 will offer residency of up to five years and R2 will offer multiple entries and exits. Who are these sought-after professionals? An immigration law specialist at the Beijing Institute of Technology says they "include candidates with management experience at leading multinationals, specialists in education and science-related fields, and renowned figures in culture and sport." The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council released the draft proposal last Friday and is seeking public feedback on the plan over the course of the month.

China green card?

According to the same article, the Ministry of Public Security is putting together a draft for a change that would allow for foreigners working in China for ten consecutive years to apply for a "green card." Click through for the latest details on China visas.
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