Nice Curves! Expo 2010 Shanghai’s 5 Sexiest Pavilions

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Posted: July 31st, 2009 | Updated: May 6th, 2011 | Comments
Though our androgynous little blue friend Haibao might not approve, there's no denying that the sinuous lines and organic fullness of a number of our favorite Expo 2010 pavilions are putting the "S" in "Expo," whether they mean to or not. Freud would have a field day. Of course, the eco-friendly "Better City, Better Life" Expo 2010 theme is largely responsible for the trend. Nature is full of curves and is all about the birds and the bees, so it only stands to reason that a little bit of sexiness would find its way into an Expo held in a city notorious for its glorious past (and pretty-good present) as China's capital of sensual pleasure. And it is all about "Better Life," right? Well... we rest our case. #1 United Arab Emirates If there is a prize for the most suppressed cultural libido sublimating into the most curvaceous and suggestive Expo architecture, it’s got to go the United Arab Emirates. The pavilion’s got lines so alluring they’d give Halle Berry a run for her money—and with its palette of hot sandy colors, that would be a more-than-nubile Halle Berry stretched out invitingly on a tropical beach. What’s best about this pavilion, and the reason it has to get #1, is the fact that the building’s irrepressibly sensual design is wholly unintentional (they didn’t even try!). Despite this, you can see above that there isn’t a single angle from which to view the building without a certain something popping to mind. The building evokes lips, bust, hips, pretty much any part of the female form, but is best seen from an isometric angle where its unmistakably yonic shape comes into full view. Yowza! Of course, you’ll want to refrain from mentioning this to religious authorities or the UAE pavilion crew. We hate to see a football field-sized burka dropped over all that curvy, suggestive goodness—oops—we mean badness! #2 France Ah, the French! With the supple flow of the French language (and wine) and a knack for turning almost anything into an aphrodisiac, they’ve done it again. Sure, you might argue that the French should be en première place since the theme of their pavilion is the “sensual city," but everybody knows repressed sexuality can be more alluring than self-satisfied preening, hence, France, with its intentional effort at seduction, will just have to settle for second place. But enough idle talk. Let's get down to business: What’s behind that virginal white fishnet motif, anyway? White magnolia-hinted perfumes permeating the premises? Of course! And once visitors venture further inside, they'll be treated to samples of French cuisine so tantalizing that we won't be surprised to find more than a few couples surrendering to their passions and making out in the secluded niches of the pavilion’s expansive gardens. Voulez vous aller à l'expo avec moi? #3 India Surprised? Don’t be. We’re talking about the culture that gave us the Kama Sutra, the yoni and tantric yoga, after all. Speaking of the yoni, take a look at the picture of this seemingly innocuous-looking pavilion and suddenly you're likely to make out an ancient symbol of fertility (if the D-cup dome doesn't distract). It wouldn't hurt to to say a prayer to Shakti when you go. #4 Belgium Everybody knows that the feeling of love can be duplicated by the consumption of copious amounts of fine chocolate, and fine chocolate is something the Belgians do better than anyone. So don’t worry if you start to feel like Cupid’s loosed his entire quiver at the Belgian pavilion, where they'll not only be serving delectable chocolates, but directly introducing visitors to the sensual art of the chocolatier in make-your-own-bonbon classes. And if this Seduction 101 session isn’t enough, Belgium wants to give you a diamond. That’s right, the Belgians will be giving diamonds away over the course of the Expo and, with them, sweeping more than a few Expo-goers off  their feet. #5 Denmark Denmark? If you're at a momentary loss for all the sexy that's come out of Denmark, just think Scarlett Johansson, Viggo Mortensen and Helena Christensen. Celebrity associations aside, the Danes are also known for their sleek Scandinavian design sense, and their Expo pavilion delivers with seashell-like curves that promise to draw Expo goers into a delicate but firm spiral embrace. It's the only Expo pavilion that would look good in black leather, and it doesn't hurt that the pavilion's svelte sensuality shelters in its center the demure form of the original Little Mermaid. Sure, the pavilion design is officially based on a "Copenhagen bicycle track" and visitors can hop on a Danish bike to experience "the Danish urban way," but we sense a naughty-nice thing at play here that puts our Nordic friends' pavilion on the sexy Expo list. For a complete collection of all Expo 2010 pavilion images go here. Expo 2010 Shanghai images: UAE pavilion from Designboom France pavilion from Expo 2010 India pavilion from Expo 2010 Belgium pavilion from Expo 2010 Denmark pavilion from Designboom
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