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New taxi rates driving Shanghai cabbies out of business? | Bamboo Compass

New taxi rates driving Shanghai cabbies out of business?

by China Travel
Posted: November 16th, 2009 | Updated: November 1st, 2010 | Comments
Over at zaiShanghai, a project of New York University students studying in Shanghai, Lucy Wang's informal interview with a cab driver reveals sharper protests against the recent hike in fares from RMB 11 to 12 than any we've heard from expats, locals or visitors. Here's a taste of the driver's ire: "The government and the oil companies are evil dominators who are just pushing us over the edge. Cab drivers and customers are both major losers! This is seriously not that difficult to calculate or understand. We're just not earning any money." Read the rest to find out exactly how Shanghai's shifu are being pushed over the edge. Perhaps you'll think a little more kindly of your shifu the next time he's a little bit sour. Better city, better life? For shifu it's more like overworked and underpayed, if you take Wang's driver's word for it.... Editor's note: We're inviting bloggers who write about travel and life in China to republish select posts on ChinaTravel.net. If you blog your China experience and would like to share with our readers, let us know by email.
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