Zijin Shan (Purple Gold Mountain)




24 hours, daily

How to get there:

Just beside the northern part of the easternmost portion of the Nanjing City Wall, Zijin Shan is just a taxi ride away. Buses 3, 20, and 315 stop near the Zijin Shan cable car (Zǐjīnshān Suǒdào, 紫金山索道).

Like West Lake in Hangzhou, Zijin Shan (Zǐjīn Shān, 紫金山), or "Purple Gold Mountain," is a massive natural attraction that doesn't require an hour by bus to reach from the city. Actually within walking distance of the city, the forested slopes provide a natural escape from Nanjing's "furnace" temperatures.

A plank walk runs from the base of the mountain up to the cable car, which goes on to the peak. At the top is the Zijin Shan National Park (Shāndǐng Gōngyuán, 山顶公园; RMB 4) with paths winding up and down the mountain dotted with a number of more-recently placed statuary and tiny Liu Ji Cave (Liú Jī Dòng, 刘基洞).

The Zijin Observatory (Zǐjīn Shān Tiānwéntái, 紫金山天文台) lies at about the halfway point of the cable car. Down the slope, and visible from the cable car, are the Ming Xiaoling Tomb and Sun Yat-sen Tomb.

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