Tang Shan Hot Springs



The Tang Shan Hot Springs (Tāng Shān Wēnquán, 汤山温泉) bubble up amidst pleasant surroundings 28 km (17.5 mi) east of the Nanjing City Wall's Zhongshan Gate (Zhōngshān Mén, 中山门),

Purportedly a source of healing vapors and waters, the Hot Springs have welcomed emperors, high officials, and local citizens for centuries to cure skin diseases, arthritis, neuralgia and many other ailments. Locals tout the benefits of the odorless water, which contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium and averages between 50°C-60°C (122°F-140°F). A number of Tang Shan Hot Springs hotels are located nearby.

The Tang Shan Hot Springs are not to be confused with the Tangquan Hot Springs in Pukou, northwest of central Nanjing, nor should they be confused with the Tang Shan area north of Beijing.

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