Nanjing Drum Tower




8am-5pm daily, ticket sales end at 4:45pm

How to get there:

From Metro Line 1's Gu Lou Station (鼓楼站) take exit 3.

Taxi drivers unfortunately may be confused by "Gǔ Lóu" (鼓楼), as it is both the name of the district and the building. Try "Gǔ Lóu Gōngyuán" (鼓楼公园), referring to the surrounding park.

A remnant of Nanjing's days as the Ming Dynasty capital, the Nanjing Drum Tower (Gǔ Lóu, 鼓楼) sits in the middle of a roundabout surrounded by trees in the Gu Lou District to which it lends its name.

Initially completed in 1382, it was used for marking the time, welcoming guests to the city, and noting special occasions with the beating of the tower's two large drums and 24 small drums. After a tour by the Qing Dynasty's Emperor Kangxi, the tower was rebuilt and a memorial stele mounted on the back of a turtle installed. Besides the stele, a number of other historic relics are on display. While signage is not in English, these ancient items speak for themselves.

From the second floor of the tower, the streets of Nanjing disappear below the trees as nearby Zifeng Tower and other skyscrapers rise up above them. The ivy-covered Great North Building of Nanjing University's Gu Lou campus is also visible.

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