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Sharing the honor of being one of the traditional "Four Great Ancient Capitals of China" with Beijing, Luoyang and Xi'an, Nanjing (Nánjīng, 南京) has a wealth of historical sights and attractions to offer, from the remains of the Nanjing City Wall and the Ming Xiaoling Tomb of its early Ming Dynasty heyday, to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and tragic Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum from China's Republican period.

A major university town, Nanjing is home to a large student population, including many foreign students, and the city's youthful population fuels a lively nightlife scene. With an ever-expanding subway, an easy-to-use bus system and cheap taxis, transportation within the city is easy, and it is well connected to Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities throughout China.

You can "do" Nanjing in a few days, but with enough going on to sustain a longer trip, it's worth visiting even if it doesn't rank with cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Xi'an on most peoples' "must-see" list. All told, Nanjing is a very pleasant city, with tree-lined streets, lakes, parks and its own mountain, Zijin Shan (Purple Gold Mountain) balancing the inevitable ranks of new skyscrapers and increasingly congested streets.

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