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My Chengdu Story judges retreat to their lairs to deliver final verdict on Ctrip writing contest | Bamboo Compass

My Chengdu Story judges retreat to their lairs to deliver final verdict on Ctrip writing contest

by James Weir
Posted: June 26th, 2012 | Updated: June 28th, 2012 | Comments

Ctrip writing contest

traveling in Chengdu The votes are in, folks! Twelve talented individuals have survived the literary gauntlet that has been My Chengdu Story. As much as we'd like to award everyone for participating and being generally awesome, it is an unfortunate reality that we cannot—come to think of it, wouldn't it be nice if flights were subsidized by the government and were subsequently free of charge? Now that would be a politician's dream, an absolute guaranteed vote-getter. Though I suppose that wouldn't matter here. I digress. The pieces by the twelve remaining contestants (three each in fiction, non-fiction and poetry) have been passed on to our panel of judges. Each judge will score the pieces on a scale of one to four within each category (their favorite in a given category gets four points, second favorite gets three points, and so on). Once all the scores have been tallied, the entries in each category with the highest and second highest score will receive RMB 2,000 Ctrip travel vouchers and panda suits, respectively. If, after the judges cast their votes, there is a tie, the China Travel Team will hold a tie breaking vote (we are like the American Vice President in that way). And then we shall make it rain on the best and brightest of the group. List of finalists and their stories after the jump.... And so on to the finalists. The winners will be announced next Monday, 2 July 2012.


"Act Natural," by Jamie Moss "A Cynical Xiongmao," by Doug Boyd "Spirit of Sichuan," by Elias Witman "The Secret Life of a Panda Star," by Rachel Mims


"Diary of a Chengdu Chef," by Katya Knyazeva "The World's Lankiest Superman," by Matt Cooper "Not Knowing How To Thank," by Monse Sepulveda "A Panda Thanksgiving," by Henry Su


"Dragon Lake," by Benjamin Haiar "Chengdu, May 2010," by Lara Powers "Chengdu, I'd Marry You," by Lauren Hogan "Chengdu Intersection," by Scott Carpenter

And a big, hearty thanks to our crack team of judges: Tom Carter, Jane Voodiken, Catherine Platt and Jeff Fuchs!

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