More on beer & China: Hop on cheap Qingdao Beer Festival deals (& drink like a caveman)

by Fred Shasta
Posted: July 20th, 2010 | Updated: August 3rd, 2012 | Comments
The Qingdao International Beer Festival is almost upon us! Book your Qingdao trip pronto to save on flights and hotels with... who else but our sponsor, Ctrip, China's top online travel company. And while we're talking beer, China and travel... via Henan that was brewed with an exotic mix of pre-gelatinized rice flakes, wildflower honey, muscat grapes, barley malt, hawthorn fruit, and chrysanthemum flowers. Dogfish Head's ancient Chinese secret revealed has been around since 2006, but a recent spot on US radio network NPR ("Aged 9,000 Years, Ancient Beer Finally Hits Stores") has piqued people's interest—and in the subject of beer, often presumed to be of European origins, as another little piece of Chinese history. Sad to say, you can't get the brew in China currently, but you sure as Lao Shan spring water—it's still an excellent beer that goes down smooth on a hot summer day. You could hardly pick a nicer place to be in August than Qingdao, by the way. Sea breezes cool this former German concession port, making it a pleasant getaway from southern China's heat and humidity. There's plenty to see and do in Qingdao, from concession-era German architecture to some of northeast China's best beaches, and on to the aforementioned Lao Shan (a holy Taoist mountain in addition to being the source of Tsingtao beer's clean taste) and the Tsgintao Brewery Museum itself. And as for the Festival, Emily over at the Ctripper blog puts it best: "("Jam-packed with beer tastings, concerts, rides, karaoke and even a few chugging contests" is how Emily over at Ctripper describes it best:  Two weeks "jam-packed with beer tastings, concerts, rides, karaoke and even a few chugging contests." How to get to Qingdao, where to stay and what to do
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