Merry Christmas China travelers!

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Posted: December 24th, 2012 | Updated: December 24th, 2012 | Comments
Chinese papaer cut santa claus father christmas Two great traditions combine in this picture: Chinese paper cutting and Santa Claus (or "Christmas Father" as he is known in school rooms across the country). Paper cutting or jiǎnzhǐ (剪纸) is said to has been invented in China around 400 AD, roughly 300 years after the invention of paper (as we know it today) by Cai Lun during the Eastern Han Dynasty. An intricate art, paper cutting consists of creating delicate images by snipping away at folded paper with small scissors or a knife. Originally the preserve of the imperial court, the craft quickly filtered down to the common people and cut itself a solid niche in the world of Chinese folk art. From China it spread around the world and many countries in Europe and South America have long held traditions of paper cutting. Today, practitioners can snip away a silhouette portrait in moments or spend hours working on an intricate and detailed scene with each and every one a unique piece of art whether it tell the tale of a ancient Chinese myth or a relatively modern Western one like Santa. 圣诞快乐 - Shèngdàn kuàilè everyone!
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