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Posted: March 10th, 2011 | Updated: March 10th, 2011 | Comments
China Daily Show, satire They've been around for a while now, but it's always fun to take a look at what kind of irreverent but good-natured jabs the team over at the China Daily Show is poking at the good ship China and all who sail in her—from expats-behaving-badly, British almost-princesses to CCTV and Chinese cabbies, no-one is safe from their particular brand of Sino-satire. Living in China, there are occasions when the "PR" bit of the PRC unwittingly provides the humor of its own accord, but for the rest of the time, there's the China Daily Show. Here a taster of what they've got going for you this week (Disclaimer: takes no responsibility for losses incurred due to work missed or time distracted by the following articles. Neither do we accept liability for injuries that may result from falling off your chair with laughter): Returned Expat won't shut-up about China
"... Berman, who has  taken to wearing Qing Dynasty clothing and a Manchu pigtail, was only available for a brief time for interview. Sipping from a flask of tea and rolling a pair of walnuts in one palm, he spoke of his plans for the future. “I’m working on a couple of projects right now, if you don’t include the new moustache,” Berman smiled. “The first is a novel about a little girl growing up during the famines of the late 1950s. The second is a memoir about my time in China, naturally. That one’s going to be a real eye-opener – but I can’t give away much more than that at the moment..." Read more>>>
Ask an immaculately dressed Nigerian gentleman outside Yashow Market
Dear immaculately dressed Nigerian gentleman loitering outside Yashow Market, I’ve just split up with my girlfriend of three years, and although I felt ready to move on at the time, I find myself unable to be with anybody else. I keep trying to initiate conversation with girls I find attractive, but whenever something seems to lead somewhere I find myself losing interest and thinking about my ex. After three or four terrible dates I’ve started to worry that I’m never going to get over her, but she’s already happy with a new guy and has moved back to the States. What should I do? Desperate, Dongzhimen Immaculately dressed Nigerian gentleman outside Yashow says: Hey! Boss! Hey! How are you? I’m Mike. Let’s talk, man. Where you from? You’re a cool dude, right. Cool guy. Like your shoes, man. Yeah. So, you like to party, boss? Read more>>>
Archaeological evidence suggest that Chinese people "once queued" By LAO SHOUXING, History Correspondent
HENAN (China Daily Show) — Archaeologists excavating a site near the Shang Dynasty (1766-1050 BC) capital of Yinxu made a startling discovery this week when fossilized remains of a trio of Chinese citizens, apparently in the form of a line, were sensationally uncovered.  Read more.>>>
Migrant Worker Diet craze causing a stir By ZOU MIAO, Fashion & Style correspondent BEIJING (China Daily Show) — “A police officer chased me half way around the city and then beat me mercilessly,” says Mia Xin. “I’m down 20 pounds!” So run adverts popping up all over popular microblogging websites such as Weibo in recent weeks, sparking a new feeding fad: the Migrant Worker Diet. Read more>>>
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