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Today, Macau (Àomén, 澳门) is making headlines for overtaking Las Vegas as the world's richest casino city, even as Hong Kong, its better-known fellow Special Administrative Region (SAR) neighbor, frets about losing tourists to Macau's shiny new mega-hotels.

Somewhat lost in the bright lights of the largest casino in the world—the Venetian Macau—is the other Macau, the one that consists of centuries-old cobblestone streets fronted by Portuguese colonial architecture where one can wander charming markets, people-watch in lush subtropical parks, enjoy a strong coffee in a European café and, perhaps best of all, eat like no place else: dim sum for breakfast, Portuguese caldo verde or bacalhau for lunch and, for dinner, something Macanese—a unique blend of Cantonese, Portuguese, Goan and African flavors—perhaps Galinha à Africana (African chicken) or Macanese chili shrimp.

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