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Over the centuries, Luoyang of Henan province has been called many things: Chengzhou, Luoyi, Luozhou, Dongdu, Xijing and Jingluo; but is less formally known as the City of Peony or the Cradle of Chinese Civilization. Name changes and claims to fame aside, today's Luoyang is an important industrial and cultural center with a population of around 6.5 million.

The city is located to the west of Zhengzhou, China's transportation hub, which makes getting there a breeze; however, finding reasons to stay can be a little more difficult as Luoyang's tourism appeal has been marred by problems with pollution. To the local government's credit, efforts have been made which have significantly reduced the year on year pollution levels, to such and extent that Luoyang has found itself on the travel itinerary of more and more tourists.

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