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Lu Shan, a mountain town situated in the northern reaches of Jiangxi province, is best known for its cool summer days, abundant flora and spectacular views over the Jiangxi plains. Set amongst mist-cloaked peaks, with Buddhist and Taoist temples blending seamlessly with the rugged landscape, its no wonder the area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lu Shan is an ideal place to get off the beaten track and explore. After a short walk in almost any direction you're likely to find one of the 200 odd historical buildings scattered about the mountain's craggy outcrops. Dragon Head Cliff to the west of town is a natural rock platform perched atop a cliff which plunges several hundred meters to the ground.

The mountain itself has 99 separate peaks, the highest of which are hidden by clouds for most of the year. Hanyang Peak, standing 1,474m above sea level offers views of the sea of clouds below that have inspired countless generations of Chinese poets, artists and spiritual leaders.

Lu Shan's mild climate make it ideal for hiking, but if you're on a tight schedule taxis are the best way to get around. For full details on getting to, from and around Lu Shan, visit the Lu Shan transportation page.

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