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Lost in Translation: This hotel picked the Rong name | Bamboo Compass

Lost in Translation: This hotel picked the Rong name

by Stephan Larose
Posted: October 26th, 2010 | Updated: August 6th, 2012 | Comments
The Rong Impression International Hotel Chengdu as seen on Wego Yeah, yeah, making fun of Chinglish signage, t-shirts and other cultural miscues has been done to death, but sometimes you catch something almost too perfectly absurd not to point out. I can understand an RMB 25 t-shirt having some misspelled words or nonsensical phrases on it, but you'd think a hotel that bills itself as a 4-star "international" hotel would take the time to make sure its own name didn't make it look bad. Ah, but how Rong you'd be... When I came across the Rong Impression International Hotel the mismatch seemed almost too good to be true. My first thought was that some disgruntled foreign consultant sabotaged them in revenge for getting paid in the Rong amount. But in this case it appears to be a simple case of machine translation gone Rong. The character 蓉 in the hotel's Chinese name "成都蓉城映象国际酒店" is pronounced "rong." Innocent enough, but I hope all you other "international" hotels out there in China are taking note of this cautionary tale and planning to spend a couple extra RMB to hire someone competent to make sure this doesn't happen to you. Now, maybe I'm giving this hotel too hard of a time. After all, this hotel apparently ranks # 27 out in popularity for hotels in Chengdu (considering that that's out of 510 hotels, that ain't to shabby), so if you happen to be one of those quirky travelers who wouldn't mind trying a room at the Rong, you can book a room at the Rong Impression International Hotel. Be sure to write a review after your stay, I'd love to know how Rong it went....
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