Yunshan Ping (Spruce Meadow)



The Spruce Meadow (Yúnshān Píng, 云杉坪) is a large patch of grassland situated in the midst of virgin spruce forest on the eastern side of Yulong Xue Shan (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain). Among the local Naxi, the grasslands have a long-held reputation as a trysting spot for young lovers. With the decline of arranged marriages and development of the site into an officially designated tourist spot linked by chairlift to the outside world, it's lost a bit of its allure as a romantic getaway though it remains a sublimely beautiful spot.

Nowadays, you'll find well-maintained paths leading to the mountain range's retreating glacier, stables offering horses and guides for rent, and some really thin air—the meadow sits at 4,506 m (14,783 ft) above sea level—so be ready for the cold and for the altitude.

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