Yufeng Lamasery



Situated at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Xue Shan, also known as Mt. Satseto), the Tibetan Buddhist Yufeng Lamasery (Yùfēng Sì, 玉峰寺) is farther north and more remote from Lijiang than its fellow monasteries Puji, Fuguo and Wenbi. Its relative remoteness makes it an attractive destination for those looking to get away from the more heavily toured sites closer to Lijiang.

In addition to a beautiful forested mountainside location overlooking a picturesque valley floor, the lamasery is home to a famous giant camellia tree—actually two that have grown together—known as the "Ten-Thousand-Flower Camellia" (Wànduǒ Shānchá, 万朵山茶). The 500-some-year-old tree, which blooms in late February and early March, has a few years on the Qing-era lamasery, which dates from 1722, the last year of the reign of the Emperor Kangxi.

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