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Lijiang cuisine features wheat breads, refreshing soups, sumptuous pork dishes and locally made lychee wine and restaurants in the old town are in no short supply. 88 Snack Bar (Bāshíbā Hào Xiǎochīdiàn, 88号小吃店) is a little hole in the wall off Wuyi Jie (Wǔyī Jiē Xīngrén Shàng Duàn, 五一街兴仁上段88号) that cooks up some mean local grub for pretty cheap. Western cuisine can be found at Well Bistro (Jīngzhuó Cānguǎn, 经卓餐馆) and Lamu's House of Tibet (Xīzàng Wū Xī Cānguǎn, 西藏屋西餐馆), the latter of which also serves up Tibetan and local dishes. Both are located not far from the north exit of Dayan Old Town.

A sampling of local dishes:

Ash Tree Flowers
A Li minority cold dish, this sour soup has a spicy little kick and a cooling aftertaste.

Lijiang Baba (Lìjiāng bābā, 丽江粑粑)
This yummy Naxi wheat flatbread stuffed with meat, sweet corn or vegetables can be found in restaurants and on the street.

Chick Pea Grass Jelly (jīdòu liángfěn, 鸡豆凉粉)
A famous local specialty of Lijiang. This snack can be enjoyed both in the summer and winter. 

Soybean Noodles (huángdòu miàn, 黄豆面)
Crispy, fragrant fried soybeans are added to smooth noodles with shallots, spice, oil and vinegar. The resulting soup is deliciously spicy and sour.

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