Bamboo Temple




8:30am-6pm daily

How to get there:

Catch a minibus for RMB 3 from Kunming Railway Station (Kūnmíng Zhàn, 昆明站) or take a taxi for around RMB 40.

Built during the Tang Dynasty, the Bamboo Temple (Qióngzhú Sì, 筇竹寺) is best known for housing a large collection of arhat (luóhàn, 罗汉, in Chinese), which are like Buddhist saint sculptures. These life-size clay figures were sculpted over seven years by Li Guangxiu and his craftsmen and each represents some aspect of the human experience.

It is a delighfully realistic (or surrealistic) collection of statues with perfectly fixed expressions seemingly frozen in time. The architecture of the temple is worth checking out also, and there's a large gilded Buddha out back in the courtyard.

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