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Kangding (Kāngdìng, 康定), or Dardo in Tibetan, is a medium-sized town in the Ganzi Prefecture, approximately 360 km (224 mi) to the west of provincial capital, Chengdu. The town is seemingly wedged into a narrow valley surrounded by tall mountains and then further cloven in half by the Zheduo River (Zhēduō Hé, 折多河).

Kangding's popularity as a tourist destination stems primarily from the fact that it is about as close as you can come to experiencing Tibet—without the difficulty of actually going there. The township is populated mainly by Han Chinese and people of Tibetan ancestry, at a ratio of around 50:50.

Scenery in surrounding areas, grasslands, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, hot springs and red-cheeked horsemen will give a pretty authentic experience, sans the altitude sickness Tibet is likely to induce—hopefully.

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