Shanshangan Guild Hall


RMB 15


8:30 am - 6:30 pm

How to get there:

Just east of Zhongshan Road, there's no easy way to travel here.  Taxis in Kaifeng are really cheap so that's your best bet.


Located in a small, non-descript alley near Shudian Street and Zhongshan Road, the Shanshanguan Guild Hall was initially established as a temporary residence and community center for out-of-town merchants visiting Kaifeng. 

An excellent example of Qing Dynasty architecture, Shanshanguan was later used as a school, until finally being designated a tourist attraction.

Of note are the lavish wood carvings that re-tell the daily workings of merchant life, in particular a scene depicting a man being dragged by his horse on the eaves in the Eastern Hall.

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