Longting Park


RMB 25


6:30 am - 7 pm

How to get there:

Accessible from Bus route No. 1, you can also take a taxi from the train station for about RMB 7. Located in the northwest quadrant of the walled city, the park is at the northern end of major north-south thoroughfare Zhongshan Lu.

Longting Gongyuan, or Dragon Pavilion Park as it is known in English, is home to the annual Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival (held in late September and early October, depending on when it falls in the Chinese Lunar calendar) and is one of the most recognizable sights in the city. 

A former imperial palace during six dynasties from the later Liang (907-923) through part of the Jin (1115-1234), Longting offers the beautiful views of Kaifeng amid the tranquil beauty of the park's lakes, bridges and the Dragon Pavilion itself, which sits on the north shore of the largest of the park's lakes, Yangjia Lake

The park is also kid-friendly, boasting a children's play area near the pavilion. Future plans for the park include a historical Kafeng theme park and a Jewish cultural center.

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