Fan Pagoda




7 am -7 pm

How to get there:

Take bus No. 15 and as the driver to stop nearby.  You will still have to walk a ways through a car-repair yard, but the bus gets you pretty close.

The city's oldest Buddhist structure, the three-story Fan Pagoda, built in 977 AD, is a testament to the persistence of Kaifeng's long history.  The hexagonal structure, originally 80 meters and nine stories high, was built during the Southern Song Dynasty, only to be partially torn down during the beginning of the Ming era because the new Emperor found pagoda's massive height to be intimidating.

During the Qing Dynasty, six levels of the pagoda were restored, only to be vandalized once again during the Cultural Revolution.  What stands today is a 31-meter tower, adorned with 108 brick sculptures and over 7,000 statues of Buddha. It may not be the most beautiful or charming place, but the Fan Pagoda is certainly a historically-significant destination.

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