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Posted: May 26th, 2009 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes Juliette McCawley first started taking pictures after coming to China five years ago. Originally from Trinidad, she found herself moved by the visual feast that is life in Shanghai and has since worked on a variety of photography projects for magazines, charities, news reports and exhibitions. More of her photography can be seen here. Three Boys on a Bike: To get this shot, I chased these young, uniformed soldiers around Century Park in Shanghai during a May Day holiday.  They were amused at the sight of this crazy woman trying to get their picture and finally slowed down so I could get the shot. Century Park Shangahi - Juliette McCawley   Descending into the City by Night: Shanghai at night from Lupu Bridge. Since this photos was taken, it is now illegal to climb Lupu Bridge at night, but you can legally do so during the day. China photography Juliete McCawley   Descending into the City by Day: Shanghai by day on the arched staircase of Lupu Bridge. China photography Juliette MCCawley   Yu Gardens Dim Sum: The feast of dim sum delights in Yu Gardens, Shanghai. China Photograpy Juliete McCawley   Mall Above: A new mall in Zhongshan Park Shanghai. The architecture of Shanghai is ever evolving. Construction workers like the one in this picture are quietly changing the face of Shanghai. China photography Juliette McCawley   Morning Moves: Early morning on the Bund, people practice traditional sword tai chi as the sun rises over Pudong in Shanghai. China Photography Juliete McCawley   Tiananmen Tunnel: Reflections of tourists as they walk through the tunnel connecting Beijing's Tiananmen Square to the Forbidden City. China Photography Juliete McCawley   Under the Yan'an: This is my view shooting upwards from beneath the Yan'an Expressway in Shanghai. China Phoography Juliete McCawley     Juliette's Favorite Destinations in China: "I have unfortunately not had a lot of time to travel in China, but so far my favourite destinations aside from Shanghai have been Xiamen for its colonial architecture, Hangzhou for the peacefulness of West Lake and Sanya — so close to Shanghai, but with a tropical feel to it—that means a lot for a girl from the Caribbean." Juliette's China Trip Wish List: "I would love to visit Tibet, before it becomes even more overrun with tourists, as well as Xinjiang the history and people are so different compared to the rest of China and the food is fantastic. I've heard quite a lot of good things about Harbin for the annual Ice and Snow Festival and Guilin for its beautiful landscapes." Editor's Note: China Through My Lens is a new bi-monthly photo series featuring the work of professional photographers and/or avid travelers living in China. The photographer is asked to share five to ten of their favorite photographs of China with a short explanation of each photo. The idea is to have them share their own unique focus and view of China—a few moments they were able to capture with their camera's lens. Contact us if you would like to show China through your lens. Much thanks to Juliette for being the first in the series. Stay tuned for the next in the series in a couple weeks time.
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