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The birthplace of the Red Army and "cradle of the Chinese revolution," Jinggang Mountain in southern Jiangxi vies with Mao Zedong's hometown of Shaoshan for the title of "the reddest place in China."

Located in the Luoxian Mountains, Jinggang Shan is a major attraction for domestic tourists interested in revolutionary history; tens of thousands flock there each year to sites such as the mint of the Red Army and the Revolution Museum and the Martyrs' Cemetery. The local economy is founded on this wealth of Communist history and the Party has been sure to keep it in tip-top condition, with some of the best roads in China connecting various sites scattered across the mountain's lush green slopes.

Few foreigners make it out to Jinggang Shan, which is too bad--aside from the obvious historical value, it's a very attractive area, filled with pleasant walking and hiking paths, magnificent mountain views, waterfalls and bamboo forests.

Noteworthy stops are Five Dragon's Pool where, 7 km northwest of the town, hikers are rewarded with scenes of rushing waterfalls. For those that prefer not to break a sweat, a cable car can whip you up there for RMB 60 one way. Five Fingers Peak stands to the south and reaches a height of 1438 m above sea level and if its jagged edifice looks familiar, it used to grace the back of the old RMB 100 note. There are also stunning vistas to be had to the west from the old look out point of Huangyangjie, which sits atop the narrow  pass.

The largest settlement in the area is Ciping, though the mountain's namesake (Jinggang Shan literally translates to "Well Ridge Mountain") comes from the five small villages, Big Well, Little Well, Middle Well, Upper Well and Lower Well that surround it.

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