Daming Lake Park


RMB 30 (RMB 200 boat rental)


6:30am-7pm busy season, 6:30am-5:30pm off season

How to get there:

Depending on which side of the lake you want to reach, you have plenty of options. It's well-known enough for any Jinan cabbie to get you there without an address (although they might prefer a specific gate or sight at the lake park), or save some kuai and take bus no. 11, 41, 66, 106, K54, K98, K109, K91 or K95 to the southwest gate; 41, 83, 30, 31, 36, 37, 63, 118, 122 or 201 to the east gate; 6, 30, 33, 83, 118 or 122 to the north gate; 11, 41, 106, K54, K95, K98 or K109 to the south gate.

Situated in the center of Jinan, Daming Lake Park (Dàmíng Hú Gōngyuán, 大明湖公园) is an 860,000 sq m (213 acre) park and home to Daming Lake (Dàmíng Hú, 大明湖) and its famous hectare fountain.

This "Lake of Great Light," is a natural body of water comprised of many of the city's natural springs, and contains six small islands, laden with flowers and beautiful shrubbery, a perfect spot for families to enjoy a relaxing day together, rowing boats and strolling the sprawling greens.

Near the lake's northwest bank is the Tie Xuan Temple (Tiěgōng Cí, 铁公祠). Built in 1792, this temple was constructed as a memorial to Tie Xuan, a Ming Dynasty official known for his heroism and loyalty. Located within the Tie Xuan Temple is the Beiji Temple (Běijí Gé, 北极阁), the largest Taoist shrine in Jinan.

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