It's happening in Hainan! 14 stars and new 'Space Center' set to send China's tropical paradise sky-high

Culture | by Aimee Groom
Posted: October 21st, 2010 | Updated: April 7th, 2011 | Comments
sanya hainan, beach It looks like there's soon going to be a whole lot more to pull the punters in to sunny Hainan than just catching rays in Yalong Bay. It's a gorgeous island but few ever venture out of the confines of five-star luxury found along the white sands of Yalong Bay on the southernmost reaches of the island. That is all set to change with a whole host of major projects in the works. In December last year, the State Council announced Hainan was to be designated a "test case" in developing an "internationally competitive tourist destination," setting off a frenzy of no-holds barred developments aimed at pulling in the crowds... especially the crowds with shed-loads of cash to splash by the looks of some of the efforts currently underway. Listed on Australia's eTravel Blackboard feature Hainan 2015 there looks to be not one but two seven-star hotels on the way. A duty-free shop the size of five football pitches, a man-made island to rival the Dubai Palms, high speed rail links and to top it all off, a Space Center. Yes, in addition to being the Hawaii, Monaco and Las Vegas of the Orient, China's tropical paradise has also got its sights set on Florida with a Kennedy Space Center-esque theme park slated for a 2015 opening.

Most of that's a little way in the future still, except the Hainan Surf Open, kicking off on November 6.

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