Incredible Harbin Ice Festival 2009 photos by R Todd King

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Posted: December 29th, 2009 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
Head over to Harbin Ice Festival, and make your plans for next month's 2010 extravaganza. R Todd also has photos up from 2007's Ice Festival, along with several fine sets of China photos covering his extensive travels throughout the People's Republic, from Lhasa to Putuoshan. If King's photos of Harbin Snow and Ice World don't convince you that Harbin in January is the most don't-miss of all China's don't-miss destinations, then nothing will (okay, we're hypocrites... we're heading off to Hainan for a week on the beach, but if we hadn't already booked our holiday, we'd be northward-bound). A teaser:

Photo by R Todd King, 2009.

We're so impressed with King's photographs that we're thinking about giving ourselves a post-Christmas present: King's book Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange Snow: The Winter Festivals of Harbin, China. King's done work with Walt Disney in the past, with credits on recent films including Mulan, so it's no wonder the man feels an affinity for Harbin's annual tip o' the hat to the Magic Kingdom. Speaking of Disney, we were as surprised as King was to find out that the Mouse now has a hand in the annual ice & snow show in Heilongjiang Province (though the more you think about it, it's not surprising at all). As King notes in his Zhaolin Park." He goes on to critique the New York Times coverage of the arrangement ("A Big Wall Falls in China to Make Room for Mickey"), reserving a few more pointed insights (he's an Ice Festival veteran) for what he sees as disappointing results of Disney's involvement in 2009, which he hopes in the future will help make the Zhaolin festival as exciting and innovative as what he's seen at Harbin Ice and Snow World as well as the Harbin Snow Sculpture Art Fair. We hope the 2010 Disney-backed effort delivers the goods. Regardless of any behind-the-scenes business doings, we're simply thankful that such a testament to human ingenuity, imagination and delight is an annual affair in Harbin, and we're thankful to King for his fantastic photos, documentation and commentary. Check out his site, then book your flight to Harbin!
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